The Curious Case of Ali Abd Jalil

The Curious Case of Ali Abd Jalil
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By now everybody has heard about the case of Ali Abd Jalil, the guy who was caught by the police for insulting the government and the monarchy and now recieved political assylum ini Sweeden. Everyone from YB KJ to the average guy on the street had a say on the issue, but the comments just highlights a worrying development in Malaysias society.

Ali Abd Jalil

The Curious Case of Ali Abd Jalil

Right about now some of you would expect me to applaud Ali and congratulate him on the award of asylum by Sweeden. Hmm, I’ll give him that. But what he said as a response to recieving asylum is not really what I wanted to hear.

He said, “Aku tak tertakluk bawah undang undang bangs*t kerajaan UMNO dan sultan… Sini bukan Malaysia….kalo kat Malaysia polis dan mahkamah senang dijadikan anji*g kurap takda maruah..Tidak ada integriti,” ( I’m not bound by laws of the UMNO government and the Sultan….This is not Malaysia…if this was Malaysia, the Police and courts easily become running dogs without honor..No integrity).

He added, “Kepada barua UMNO dan penjilat bont*t sultan, makin ramai rakyat Malaysia akan aku hasut untuk guling sultan Johor dan raja-raja Melayu…Malaysia sedang menuju Republik milik rakyat..hapuskan fasis dan rasis..Polis dan Mahkamah sudah tidak ada kredibiliti, sudah hilang kepercayaan rakyat,” – well, you understand.

Well, understandably he is angry after being beaten in jail. I’m no fan of the Monarchy either, but they are there for a reason and there is no guarantee Malaysia will be any better without them.

Today I had a heated argument on Free Malaysia Today and basically these were among my arguments :

  • True, I disagree on the way the police and the government handled the issue. It was wrong.
  • But knowing the gov, he still wrote those statements, so in the way, he had it coming.
  • I disagree with the hardline way “political activists” operate nowaday.
  • After his anger subsides, I suggest him to change his style of activism and use a more educational approach instead of just mocking the government. Staying in Sweeden, he has the opportunity of opening the people to Sweedish way of doing things, how they think and why they are what they are.
  • I believe ini educational, politcal and a peaceful way of activism. Educate the people about issues, open their mind and what not.

But not long after that, I came under critisism, saying that I was idealistic and naive for believing that a softer approach will work after what happened to Syed Azmi and the I want to touch a dog event. There is no way other than to take to the streets to get the message across. And I, and most Malays are cowards for not demonstrating on the streets to demand their rights. An exchange of words ensued and ended with me saying we should agree to disagree.

This and many incidents on cyberspace highlighted a worrying trend among Malaysians. I’m seeing a spike ini radicalism in both parts of the divide, either pro or anti government.

Personally I think the radicalism is getting ridiculous, one side says the other side is stupid and the otherside says the same. How are we going to make progress by this type of bigotory? How are we going to convince the other side to join our cause when we call them stupid? That way, nobody wants to hear each others argument. It’s a freaking stalemate.

In a democaracy (I assume that’s what we are fighting for, right?) the party with the most votes wins. As it is, by having a hardline, bigoted stance, I don’t see how the opposition can gain more votes. Those wanting to cross over also change their minds after insults from that side.

The thing is all this hardline actions like taking bad about the govornment, exposing government coruption is only going to get so many votes. It’s good for gaining popularity within the party, but I think to get more into the cause a softer, more educational approach is needed. Also a more diplomatic approach is needed to garner support from the Government machinery so that they don’t sabotage the cause.

I mean if you always stareotype all the public servants as corrupt when not all are corrupt, then what is the motivation for them to vote you? I bet this was the problem faced by Khalid Ibrahim when he first took the helm of the Selangor Government. Good thing he had a lot of experience with GLC and finaly go the public servants to work for him.

Actually there is more I want to say but, my point is the moderate’s are worried about the polarization happening in Malaysia….the if you’re not with  us, you’re with them attitude. No room for diversity in opinion. How to agree to disagree and how we can’t disagree with the “victim”. We should even question do we even know what freedom of speech we fight for really means?

I’m also worried about how we applaud people who digs up dirt on the government but we don’t come up with steps to make it better.

I’m interested in the idea by Zaid Ibrahim to start a special website called Alpha Malays National Organisation (AMNO), that will collate positive and progressive ideas, expressed mainly in Bahasa Malaysia. Now that is a good effort towards educating the public.

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