Is RON 97 Better than RON 95? (Results)

Is RON 97 Better than RON 95? (Results)
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Finally after a month of experimenting on the performance of RON 97 and RON 95 fuels, I finally have the results and it is a pretty unexpected result that might lead to another experiment in the pipeline.

RON 97 Better Than RON 95

Is RON 97 Better than RON 95? (Results)

The results of the RON 97 and RON 95 experiments are in and I totally didn’t expect this outcome as it’s pretty surprising. I think the way I executed this experiment will might lead me to have to abandon the results in favour for a totally different experiment. But before we jump to conclusions, let’s see the results.

RON 97 Results

As mentioned in the previous post, I drove my car as far as I dared on the empty line and stopped a the petrol station to fill up. I first set my meter to zero.

RON 97 Better Than RON 95

Then I filled RM50 worth of RON 97 petol at RM2.85 per litre. that got me 17.543 litres.

RON 97 Better Than RON 95

Which translates to about half the tank. In fact, that is almost exactly half tank, since a full tank of petrol in a Viva is 36 liters. Meter wise, take note that there is a bit of inaccuracy on the fuel gauge where the first half of the petrol tank moves faster than the 2nd half of it. RON 97 Better Than RON 95

There are no noticeable performance boosts by using RON97 fuel, in fact it felt a bit sluggish at first, maybe as a reaction of the blend of both fuels being burnt because there was still a bit of RON 95 fuel left in the tank when I filled up with RM 50 of RON 97. However after a while, things started to even out. While there was not improvement in acceleration, there was a little improvement in torque.

For example, if I drive up a hill in the wrong gear (higher gear), usually there will be a knocking sound in the engine, showing that the engine is struggling going up the hill in the higher gear. But now it accelerates slowly but steadily without the knocking sound.

RON 97 Better Than RON 95

So after driving about for over a week, through a mix of highways and urban stop and go driving, I finally dared to travel 322.7km until the fuel reached a part of the redline I didn’t dare pass. So the average mileage is :

17.543 litres / 322.7km = 0.544 litres / km

or 5.44 litres per 100 KM

Of course this is not 100% accurate, but it is a good estimation. This is about at par with the claimed Viva fuel consumption of 5 litres/100km and is the typical fuel consumption when I was previously using RON 95. So, so far it looks as if there is no improvement.

RON 95 Results

For the RON 95 test, I did the same thing, filled up RM50 worth of the petrol after having almost emptied the tank of RON 97 fuel.

RON 97 Better Than RON 95

With RM50, I get 23.870 litres of RON 95 petrol at RM2.10 per litre. about 6 litres more that what I get by filling up with RM50 worth of RON 97 petrol.WP_20130923_006

This translates to 6 fuel gauge marks on my fuel gauge, one more than previously with RON 97.


So as before, I drove around for quite a while in a mix of urban roads and highways till I finally got to drive 509.2 km on the blinking final fuel gauge mark. But this time, throughout the whole RON 95 test I was baffled because even by looking at the metre, I know the mileage is far better than it usually has been. at times, I got about 120km per fuel gauge mark, which was a bit better than usual.

But anyway, the mileage for RON 95 is :

23.87 liter / 509.2 KM = 0.047 l/km

or 4.7 litres per 100KM

I was kind of surprised because previously I could drive about 600KM on a full tank of RON 95, but here with only 5 out of 8 fuel gauge marks worth of RON 95 petrol I can do 500km, just 100km less than the distance a full tank can drive me. It’s really an unusually better fuel consumption figure.

So what changed? After thinking for a bit I came to 2 conclusions. Either the RON 97 somehow “cleaned” the engine making it more efficient or the RON 95 I filled up with had mixed with the leftover RON 97 fuel in the tank to create a “Super Fuel”, so to speak, giving better mileage.

To test this theory, however, another experiment must be done. The aim is to find out is a blend of RON 95 and RON 97 actually better than the original fuel? . This time I will fill up about RM15 worth of RON 97, and fill up the rest with RON 95. The distance to beat is 600km on a full tank. However I will only accept the success of “the blend” only if it can go for 700km, taking into account of the inaccuracies. Only then can I say a blend of RON 95 and RON 97 is better than only one type of fuel.

As for now, seems like hands down, RON 95 is better suited for Malaysian cars, or at least a Perodua Viva. There is no need to complain of the high price of RON 97 because you dont really need it, unless you have a high performance car.

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  1. Lian pang
    November 10, 06:57 #1 Lian pang

    Nice experiment ! Maybe you should try a basic Japanese car such as Toyota Vios or a Honda city to test it out too! Maybe there’s differences!

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    • iMyn
      November 13, 12:30 iMyn Author

      Thanks. Will keep that suggestion in mind. just need to borrow a toyota vios and Honda City from someone…or ask them to di the same experiment. Good idea though:)

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