Is RON 97 + RON 95 Mixture Better?

Is RON 97 + RON 95 Mixture Better?
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In the last experiment, I mixed 10% RON 97 and 90% RON 95 petrols on my trip to the petrol station and drove in normal day to day city traffic. Is a RON 97 + RON 95 mixure better? Well, lets cut to the chase, the results was abysmal. I got even worse mileage than before. Or maybe it was just normal, considering I was driving in urban traffic, while the record 600KM range was done on the highway.


Is RON 97 + RON 95 Mixture Better?

So the results are in. I could only dare to drive 510km on a single tank of RON 97 + RON 95 mixture, which is worse than the 600 km I got from a full tank of RON 95. But that was driving on a highway, this was driving on urban roads. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, this result is almost identical to the results of 509.2 I got during the RON95 experiment where I filled up with RM50 of the petrol.


10% RON 97 + 90% RON 95

Now, this is very puzzling. What is happening here. First lets break down the results we have so far:

  • Filled up RON 97, results not as good as RON 95
  • After that filled up RON 95, results very impressive
  • Tried mixture of RON 97 + RON 95, results also not good.

I have a few theories of what has happened:

  1. This might sound like a commercial ad, but I think maybe by using 100% RON 97 it might have “cleaned the engine” of carbon residue and when RON 95 I filled up with RON 95, it was as if I drove with a new engine.
  2. During the experiment with RON 97 + RON 95, I noticed that the mileage at the beginning was pretty good, then, it became worse after it reached half tank or so. Maybe because the difference in density of the two fuels made it impossible to mix and maybe the RON 97 fuel sank to the bottom of the tank and it was used up first before the RON 95 could be used up.

Very unscientific, I know, and to be honest, I’m not quite interested in testing the 2nd theory, but the first theory is testable. So, in the next experiment after I finish up this batch of petrol, I will fill up about RM15 – 20 worth of RON 97 petrol, to “clean up the engine”, then fill up full with RON 95 and take note of the results. If my theory is correct, maybe we need to alternate between RON 95 and RON 97, with RON 97 only used as a “cleaning agent” so to speak.

So, please await the results.

Oh ya, there is another theory. I heard — and I’m sure you heard this also — that Petronas sells high quality petroleum from Malaysia to the outside world and buys cheap, low quality petrol from the middle east. Maybe RON 95 is this cheap, low quality petrol and that is the reason RON 95 sucks and gives us low mileage. I don’t know, it’s just a theory.

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