After the aftermath of the incident, I paid a visit to my long lost friend, Although basically the two websites do the same thing, online trade, is much secure, although not as “mudah” as They have a verification feature where the staff will verify the identity of a registered user, and only verified users can sell online. They will also blacklist, and also go as far as searching for your real home or your families home if there is a fraud case against you. I went through their fraud forum and they also display the names of the people that have fraud cases against them for public display and their names will never be deleted from that list.

With that kind of commitment to trade security, you can rest assured that you can trade safely.

And last week I did my first trade on since forever when I bought spare parts for my car. My car is an old Volvo 240 and spare parts for this car are not easily found. Although old, it’s still in good condition and worthwhile to restore and maintain. Luckily I found a seller on that specializes on Volvo parts. I checked out his track record and he has been selling since the year 2000 and has many good feedback from his customers, so I figured he is a trustworthy seller.

Trust was everything this time because I had to pay first for the items before meeting up to collect them, so judging from the track record, I decided to buy.

Long story short, we met up and the transaction went fine.

What’s more?

I found out he was the president of the Volvo Community Malaysia which is great. By joining the community I can get parts at discount prices, recommendation on which workshops to go to and also a bunch of guys that I can learn form about my Volvo.

It’s always good to have a community behind you, especially when you have a car as “rare” as mine.

Next, I will story more about my Volvo S240, also known as The Tank by my friends. Ciao!


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