After much consideration, I have finally decided to activate my Yes 4G account! I finally said yes to Yes 4G. Besides, YTL is giving 10GB of free data if I activate before 19th of Dec, so I thought it’s a good deal.

Yes 4G vs 3G broadband

The above video explains why 4G is faster then 3G and the advantages

Besides the problem of speed and stability, my beef with 3G broadband services is the plans.

They totally suck!!!

There is no plan that suits me. Not too long ago, I used a 3G broadband service from the telco company C. It supposedly has no contract. The package includes a misleadingly free USB modem, a download speeds of only 300kbps++ for Rm68 per month. I say misleadingly free USB modem because if u lose it and want to discontinue the Broadband plan, you have to pay RM150 as a fine for losing the modem. So if u don’t want to pay that RM150, you have to buy a new modem and continue the plan.

For me it’s a form of contract and I don’t like it.

Besides, a 5GB data limit with 300kbps download speed is really insulting my intelligence. There is no way on earth you can download that much with the USB modem given the poor stability of the connection.

So, I stopped the plan after 4 months. Â I was only using 500-600MB of the 5GB download limit given per month, so, for RM68, it is not worth it.

And then I got to know about Yes 4G and the rest is history

Yes! Packages/devices

You can register YES at your nearest YES authorized resellers. For a list of resellers, go to . YES has 4 devices announced but so far only 2 are available. 2 of the main devices are the USB dongle and the huddle.

dongle-117x109The USB dongle Costs RM99.

You can use it the same way you use any other mobile USB broadband.


The Huddle is a mobile wireless router so to speak. It uses a battery that lasts up to 5 hours and can connect 4 users at a time. RM399

Because of my confidence in the product I decided to get the huddle but I took the package that includes credits. FYI, you need to buy at least RM10 of credit upon activating, which costs another Rm50.

You also need to spend RM30 per month (if you don’t , RM30 will still be deducted from your account). But I don’t think RM30 is a lot because you are basically using the same service for calls, sms and internet. So I think you probably will spend at least Rm50 per month if you fully utilize the services.

Back to the story, I took a package that costs me RM1,199 which includes RM 1,199 of YES credits and I get the Huddle as good as free.



In the box, u get the Huddle unit, which is the size of an iPhone, the battery, a USB cable, and a USB charging adapter to charge the huddle via wall socket.

To use it, insert the battery into the huddle device


The battery is not charged so you need to charge it first. You can connect it to the computer using the USB cable or plug it using the wall socket charger. the power button will light up with a red colour while charging and when its full the button will turn green.

Once you charged it for a bit, you can already connect turn it on by holding the on button for 4 seconds. Then you can set it up just like you set up a wireless router. Your YesID and password will be set in the admin page so that your huddle will connect automatically when turned on. Then you can connect to the huddle just like a WiFi connection.

You can refer to the manual for more information on installation.

Yes Life to make calls and sms

To use the call and sms service, you need to download Yes Life software. The download link is accessible via the huddle admin page. once downloaded, install the software.


You will get a Yes Life software that looks something like this :


Key in your Yes ID and password you got when you registered and sign in. It’s pretty easy to use, so I don’t think I need to explain how to use it. Especially if you’re used to using skype.

So, after setting up the huddle and connecting to it just like a WiFi connection, what’s left is to test the speed. Yeah..that’s what everybody wants to know, isn’t it?

The results :


8Mb/s download speed!!!!! That’s even faster than my UniFi 5Mb/s package. The difference is UniFi has a 60GB download limit and Yes costs 9 sens per 3MB of data downloaded. Whats best about it is that unlike 3G, the stability of the connection is superb! There is no 3G one minute, EDGE the other, then GPRS the other minute.

The bottomline

Using Yes for the first time today, I am very satisfied with the performance so far. It might not replace UniFi, but as a mobile broadband, nothing comes close. Sure, the coverage is not as wide as 3G but that will only improve in time. And the superior stability as compared to 3G makes it the best mobile broadband in Malaysia to date.

I said Yes to Yes 4G, what about you?


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