Bank Card Scam Alert

A lot has happened lately in these few weeks of the Raya celebrations. First my house got broken into, then somebody tried to pull off this credit card scam on my dad.

I don’t really want to go into detail about my house break-in since it was the 2nd time it happened and only my dad’s laptop and, for some stupid reason, my cordless phone (without the base) got stolen. Not sure how that guy is going to use the phone without the base, but maybe he’s Einstein….

But what I want to highlight here is the Bank Card scam which almost succeeded on my dad. It just happened last week and was busted yesterday. As you know, bank cards can be used to pay for stuff just like a credit card and not to mention to get money out of your bank account.

The story goes like this, last Saturday, my dad received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Bank Negara. He told my dad that someone, somehow had copied his bank card and this card had been used in Sabah and Sentosa Island in Singapore to withdraw money from his bank account.  They also told him that they were investigating the case and to really make an impression they told him that the phone conversation was been recorded to be use as evidence.

They gave my dad a few numbers a case number and some other BS to make it look real. Notably, the phone numbers of the Jabatan Kad Kredit Palsu of the Bank Negara (which does not exist) and customer service phone number of MBF cards, which at that time he didn’t know, but later on found out that both numbers are unregistered numbers after a check with Telekom Malaysia.

Before they ended the conversation, they reminded that the card was blocked and he can’t make any transactions with his bank account within 3 days.

By this time, my dad was really upset. He was not in a clear state of mind after hearing news that RM7K of his money had been swindled out of his account.

3 days later, yesterday, the guys called back. Keep in mind, my dad was in this unclear state of mind, and usually in this state of mind, people will just follow what they are told. Especially from people from the Bank Negara.

Anyway, they called and told my dad to go to the nearest ATM machine. They said they wanted to reconfigure the ATM card (bank card) so that it doesn’t get used by bad guys (like . Then they ask him to press a few buttons here and there and suddenly the ATM displayed an error message transfer failed (which in time is considered the god-sent saving ass factor as far as my dad is concerned). Then my dad got very suspicious about the transaction and quickly canceled the transaction. By now he realized that something was amiss. He then called Telekom Malaysia to check out the phone numbers that were given to him. It turned out the numbers were unregistered numbers and they cant determine who the owners were. I’m not sure how this works, anybody who knows about this, please tell me about it.

So, totally realizing that it was a scam, he went to the police station to make a police report. Turns out 2 more people had been through the same ordeal. Same modus oprandi. He also promptly canceled his bank card and inform the bank not to allow transactions related to the old bank card, just to be on the safe side. Luckily no money was lost by my dad in this scam. But it was pure luck the the transaction failed when the scammer ask my dad to press the buttons on the ATM Machine.

Moral of the story :

  1. If somebody calls and tells you they are from BNM and says that your bank card/credit card has been used maliciously, tell them that you will settle it with the bank or if they want to take your statement, ask to meet face to face. Just don’t meet at a Palm tree plantation, else you might end up killed, burnt and your ashes dumped into a river.
  2. Any action of “reconfiguring” a bank card should be done by the bank, not by a guy on the phone giving orders to push buttons on the ATM machine.
  3. Always check the phone numbers given to you if you are in doubt.

Be areful with your money dudes!!

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