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Quite a number of my friends complain that they don’t have a credit card to buy stuff online.

Some resign to the fact that they cant buy online and don’t even try to find out ways to buy online.

But did you know Tune Money offers prepaid Visa cards that allow you to buy online?

There are two types of prepaid Visa cards offered by Tune Money :


The Tune-in Prepaid Visa Card


The Pulse Prepaid Visa

The two cards are basically the same in function, the difference is the Pulse card can only be applied for students 15-17 years old. The application also has to be done by their parents.

So basically the parents will supervise the usage of their children’s Pulse Card. You would also need to apply for a Tune-in card first.

Think of it as a supplementary card.

How Prepaid Visa works.

Prepaid Visas are just like any other Visa card but it is not a credit card. You can shop with it, buy stuff online with it and you can even withdraw money from the card.

The difference is you need to top up the card with money in order to use it!

When you apply for the card, you will get an online account to manage the card. You can check the balance in the card, top up your card and view online statements via the online account using FPX.

You can reload it at CIMB and BSN banks but it will cost more.

Prepaid Visa Vs Debit Card

Debit cards can also be used for online transactions but I don’t recommend it because in the case your Visa/MasterCard Debit becomes compromised, the thief will have access to your whole savings account.

By using the prepaid Visa you can also avoid from unexpected Charges. For example, my friend bought a subscription online for RMXX, but it turned out that there was a hidden charge of RMYY. Thankfully the Tune Money card he was using ran out of balance, so they could not charge him.

In the end the transaction was canceled.

How much it costs?

To apply, a one time RM12 registration charge will be charged and upon activation you would have to top up at least RM50. However the card must have at more than RM10 to be used.

So if you top up RM50 upon card activation, you can only spend RM40 of the amount in the card.

Pros and Cons

Pros of using Tune Money Prepaid Visa cards:

  1. It is not a credit card – you don’t have to worry about debt or bills and you don’t even need to come up with any pay slips when applying for the card.
  2. Buy products or services online. Even if your card number is compromised,  only the balance inside the card is under risk. You can apply for a replacement card if that happens.
  3. You can budget your monthly spending by topping up your spending budget into your card.
  4. Collect points when you use the card which later on can be exchanged for a wide range of redemption items.
  5. get discounts on selected stores nation wide.

Cons of using Tune Money Prepaid Visa cards:

  1. You might face a bit of embarrassment if you forgot to top up your card while on a date in a classy restaurant.
  2. Top up charge each time you top up.
  3. Not all companies accept it for recurring payments such as auto debit bill payment.

Personal Recommendation

I have been using the Tune Money Prepaid Visa since 2008 and I never regretted getting one. I will usually use it to pay my bills early in the month and that alone can cover the RM399 needed to get the monthly fee waived.

I also use it to buy apps on the Apple app store and to budget my petrol usage each month. And on shopping sprees, I top up the budgeted amount in the card to be used for shopping. In this way I won’t be able to overspend (well it IS possible but very difficult). So far it has been a very useful budgeting tool and I recommend it to anybody.

You can apply for it  at and for more FAQs

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