Bank Card Scam Alert

A lot has happened lately in these few weeks of the Raya celebrations. First my house got broken into, then somebody tried to pull off this credit card scam on my dad.

I don’t really want to go into detail about my house break-in since it was the 2nd time it happened and only my dad’s laptop and, for some stupid reason, my cordless phone (without the base) got stolen. Not sure how that guy is going to use the phone without the base, but maybe he’s Einstein….Read More »Bank Card Scam Alert now with WordPress

Welcome to the new and improved! and to those that followed our posts not to long ago, welcome back! On behalf of The Cekikdarah team, I apologize for the long absence. There are no excuses for our absence for a year or so, but whats important is we are back!


Setting Up with WordPress

I”m currently setting up using wordpress due to recommendation. It will take some time as i‘m not familiar with this platform. But i hope to get it up and running soon… Stay tuned