Upgrading your MyCard

As you have¬†probably know by now, the government is now issuing new MyKad with more security features. I have just upgraded my MyKad upgrading is pretty simple, but you just need to wait 2 months for the new MyKad to be issued.Read More »Upgrading your MyCard

Movie Review : Prometheus

When I first watched the trailer of Prometheus some time last year, I had some reservations. It looked good, but not much was revealed about it.¬† Now that I have watched it, I think it’s a really well made bad movie. I’ll try to give you a review without giving off too much about it’s storyline.Read More »Movie Review : Prometheus

Bersih 3.0 : A Late Assessment

I know the topic is now warm rather than hot, but as an observer at Bersih 3.0 I wanted to get the bigger picture before writing about the event. Right about now the Bersih 3.0 has passed about 2 weeks ago. In those 2 weeks I managed to digest many opinions and eyewitness accounts from both sides of the divide. So now, as a neutral observer at the demonstrations I can piece together my part of the story and my opinionsRead More »Bersih 3.0 : A Late Assessment

Stop Lynas To Save Malaysia??!

From the very beginning I had reservations about the whole “Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia” Campaign. For one, it was heavily politicized and you know when that happens, truth is the first sacrifice.

The depressing thing is, the Opposition and the government are saying two contradicting things. One saying its as dangerous as nukes, the other saying it is as safe as any processing plant. It is pretty hard to find a neutral party that speaks the neutral truth. If they were neutral parties, they will be accused of being pro government or pro opposition once the other side doesn’t like what they hear. Read More »Stop Lynas To Save Malaysia??!