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Welcome to the new and improved  Cekikdarah.com! and to those that followed our posts not to long ago, welcome back! On behalf of The Cekikdarah team, I apologize for the long absence. There are no excuses for our absence for a year or so, but whats important is we are back!

WordpressNow, for our first official post I would like to share with you about some of the reasons we decided to migrate to wordpress. Our previous website was based on Joomla. Although opensource and free, it was quite tedious and not really user friendly. Actually for me, with an IT background it was not really a problem, but for Ken who is not from an IT background, it was quite problematic.

So, listening to advice from Gymz and Ken to migrate to wordpress, I tried out wordpress. It took some time to get used to because it was too user-friendly for my complicated brain, but after discovering the many benefits of wordpress, I took the initiative to learn how to setup the site with wordpress.

IN this post, i would like to highlight the biggest and probably the deciding factor for the decision to migrate to WordPress.

Integration with Windows Live Writer. 


Windows Live Writer is a free application from the Windows Live Essentials range of products from Microsoft. It makes blog publishing as easy as using MS Word. It can be used with popular blog services such as WordPress, Blogger or Live Journal. Basically, you setup the application to correspond to your WordPress account (in my case), and you can publish your post straight from your desktop.

The Interface


The interface is just like what you would expect from MS Word or MS Outlook, clean and simple. You can edit your post offline and publish it when you have completed the whole post. Probably the best feature is the insert video feature where you can insert a video either from a web video, upload from a file or logon to your Youtube account and insert it into your post.



The bottom line is Windows Live Writer is a very useful tool as it saves a lot of time since I don’t have to open my browser and logon to my online cekikdarah.com wordpress account, and write my post, upload my pictures, configure/upload my videos, publish it and at the same time worry about the “server time out” . I just have to do it on my desktop, click publish and it will upload all the items and publish your post for you.

You can download it free at http://explore.live.com/windows-live-writer 

Check it out!

This post was published with Windows Live Writer

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