Celcom iPhone Package Coming Soon: No More Digi vs Maxis

If you’re looking into buying an iPhone 4 and you think Digi’s 3G coverage sucks or Maxis’s packages are a bit cut-throat (aka CekikDarah), why not take some time and see what Celcom has to offer.


The have not actually came out with the list of iPhone packages but logically speaking they would want to have a better package than Maxis, won’t they? And being a late bloomer, Celcom has had the advantage of learning from the pros and cons of their adversaries, Maxis and Digi which have come up with iPhone 4 packages much earlier.

You can pre register for the Celcom iPhone 4 at http://www.celcom.com.my/iphone/ and get the latest info on the Celcom iPhone 4 packages as soon as the information is released.

However, before you get all excited, I just want to make sure you ask yourself this question before buying the iPhone 4…. Don’t you think the iPhone 4 is so yesterday?

a) You have a point there, might as well wait for the iPhone 5

b) iPhones are timeless! I’m gonna get one by hook or crook!


2 thoughts on “Celcom iPhone Package Coming Soon: No More Digi vs Maxis”

  1. Ms. Globetrotter

    Yes, I’m awefully disappointed with DiGi’s coverage in my housing area! It is soooooooooo bad…At peak hour, I can’t use my WhatsApp or check my emails using my iPhone 3GS.. Worse part, I can’t change provider unless I pay the fine…contract for 2 years…1 year to go.. ~.~

    1. Yeah, I heard so many complaints already about DiGi, but I guess ppl still use it because its cheaper….and also because of their cool advertising…lol

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