Geting the right “deal”

Not too long ago I met this aspiring entrepreneur who wanted to set up a website where you can download discount coupons. It all didn’t make sense at that time until companies such as Groupsmore (now Groupon) came into the picture.

You might notice lately that a lot of discount coupon companies came into business. Malaysians, being bargain hunters accepted these websites with arms wide open. These companies offer really good deals for products, services and entertainment by offering discount coupons to the public. Each week there are different offers and each offer is really a good deal. Some too good to believe. among the companies are :




If you are wondering “is this for real or is it some kindda scam?”, its not. How it works is business owners approach the discount companies with there products or services and negotiate a coupon price and then the company will sell the coupon online and get the negotiated fee.

Actually it’s kind of a marketing campaign for the business owners where they offer their products or services at discount price so that people will try out their products or services and hopefully try it again even after the promotion period.


So do I recommend these discount coupon  sites? Yes, simply because I have tried it myself. I also recommend subscribing to their newsletter so that you get info on the latest deals by the respective websites. You will be surprised and thankful for what these websites offer.

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