How to Get Funding for Your Extraordinary Project

People usually avoid getting into businesses that are extraordinary.

They usually take up businesses that are proven doable and profitable. That is understandable.

But what if you are a dreamer and have an idea of a business that is extraordinary and not what the usual Joe would think of?

For sure banks will reject your idea because it’s not proven and waiting for Nescafe Kickstart is just not worth it.

This is where Kickstarter comes into the picture.


Kickstarter us a website that lets you promote your idea in order to get funding for it from the public. what you do is start a project on the website, make a video & make a write up explaining what the project is all about and come up with sponsorship packages for the public to choose from.

This is a very useful way to get funding as the tagline suggests, “A New Way To Fund & Follow Creativity”. By getting your funding from the public this way, there are 2 major advantages:

  1. You can gauge how cool your idea is with the public.
  2. Get your business started without owing to the government or anybody. No political mileage needed.

The best project funded that I have seen so far is the 365 AM documentary initiated by the Al Jazeera journalist in Gaza. The documentary is a behind the scenes story on the war on Gaza that nobody else dares to tell about. It was funded over 4x its target as seen in this picture below. So, if your project is really-really  cool  you can expect to be overfunded like these guys.


for more info on Kickstarter go to

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