How to turn your iPad or iOS device into a phone

I have been using Yes 4G for more than 5 months now yet I’m still can’t convince myself to buy the Yes Buzz Cloud phone because I’m just afraid it won’t be worth it. But now I have a solution for that.

Concerns about the cloud phone


The Buzz Cloud phone retailed at RM488

The biggest concern for me was the Yes 4G coverage that is not (yet) as good as normal GSM networks and what use is a phone that can’t be used when and where it matters.

To be honest, I think the cloud phone cannot (yet) replace your normal GSM phone for exactly that reason. However it can be used as a phone you use to get cheap rates, provided you work and stay within coverage of Yes 4G.

But that’s still not enough for me to invest RM488 for the cloud phone. So what do I do?

Yes Life for iOS

Up until recently, Yes Life (Yes 4Gs’ version of Skype) has only been available for the PC. But Yes has just recently launched Yes Life for Mac and iOS, which gives me more options on how I want to use the service.


This means, by installing this app I can use my iPad as a phone as long as I have an internet connection. Pretty good huh? However there is a slight problem. While the iPad has a jack for earphones, it’s built in microphone means that I might look like a douche holding up my iPad to ensure the microphone picks up my voice rather than ambient noise.

For that, I scoured the Apple Store for some kind of earphone or headphone that has a built in mic. The stuff at there are not cheap but I found a decent in-ear earphone with a built in mic costing RM254 and purchased it through the Apple Store.

altec lansing

Altec Lansing Muzx Extra Headphones retailed at RM254 at the Apple Store

But because of the timing of my purchase coincided with the launch of the iPad 2, the overflow of shipments originating from the Apple Store in Singapore resulted in a delay of more than 1 week before I finally got my earphones. This, despite the shipment handled by DHL. However it was not DHLs’ fault, rather because the customs department was overwhelmed by the shear number of shipments from Singapore.

A short review of Headphones

Despite being produced by Altec Lansing, a world renowned brand in audio technology, I was initially not impressed with the sound quality. However, silly of me, I forgot that this is an in-ear earphone and must be worn properly to insure the sound does not “leak out”. After wearing it proper and firm only can I appreciate the quality of the sound especially the clear bass. It also has a mic and a small remote control where you can control iPod player pause and play function and also the volume. however it only works on iPads and recent generation iPods.

Phone test

I did a phone test with my iPad (with the new earphone+mic) using Yes Life and the result is very good. Sound was clear and I don’t remember having to repeat myself will on call.


Whether you are using the iPhone, iPad(s) or the iPod Touch, you can turn it into a phone or a low rate phone by using the Yes Life app downloaded from the Apple App Store (it’s free). Rather pay RM488, I only end up paying RM254 for the earphones and simultaneously transformed my iPad to a phone.

True Story!


2 thoughts on “How to turn your iPad or iOS device into a phone”

  1. The phone look aweful. Glad you came up with a solution, think I’m going to give it a try. Is there any extra cost for making a call from iPad?

    1. Yeah, looks damn retarded. Samsung has other 4G smartphones, yet they choose to bring in that model. Well, there are no extra charges if you call or sms using the iPad. But all the contacts will be taken from your iPad contact instead of from the cloud. Thats one thing they overlooked I think. But the good thing u can use any internet connection to call using Yes Life. I’m not sure if they resolved the issue with the PC version where you have to connect to the Yes Network in order to use Yes Life. Meaning if u are using UniFi u wont be able to connect to Yes Life.

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