Loosing Weight

In the world today, appearance plays a big role in our daily lives and how we are perceived. Sure, character is very important too, but it’s appearance that other people see about a person the first time they meet. We’ll I have been trying to loose weight for some time now. It’s not that my weight is at an uncontrollable level, but enough to make the curves show.

There are many products out there that claim to be able to make you loose weight by taking their products regularly. Also, nowadays gym memberships have become a trend and many fitness companies are offering fitness programs for those who aim to loose weight. But one thing in common about these weight loss products and fitness programs is they both put you in a long term financial commitment or in other words there is a monthly fee that you have to attend too in  order to maintain the benefits from the programs. Not that it’s a bad thing, in fact, it’s unavoidable in this cekikdarah world. So, the question left to ask yourself is which path should you choose, dietary programs, or fitness programs?  To rephrase the question, would you go on a diet to loose weight or would you exercise? Of course, if you do both its a whole lot better, but if you had a limited budget and you had to choose between them, which one would you choose?

Remember, there is no right or wrong in this question, only the choice that works for you. Weight loss is quite a subjective question. Loosing weight doesn’t necessarily mean healthy, it all depends on what kind of weight you loose (or gain). When you go on a diet, you might loose weight due to loss of water or even muscle mass and if you exercise, you might even gain weight due too gaining muscle mass, which is definitely not a bad thing. I have had the opportunity to try both, going on a diet plan and fitness program and I would like to share my opinions on it so that you all can make a better decision. Remember, I came to the end decision based on my lifestyle and personal preference, so yours might be different.

Fitness Program

I had the opportunity to join a Bootcamp style fitness program in KL for at least half a year. In this program, you will have to wake up at 6am, 3 times a week to attend the sessions that start at 6.45am. Sounds early, but once you get the hang of it, it’s nothing that you can’t handle. But then again, when else do you undoubtedly have time to exercise? Surely you don’t have a date at 6.45am, do you? so there is no excuse.

The exercise are very intense. You will be gasping for air 10 minutes into the session and you will end every session with sore muscles in the first 2 weeks. But once your body get’s up to speed you’ll be alright. This intensity makes all the difference. Previously I have tried loosing weight by jogging, jogging and more jogging, but I never loose weight in the end. By doing these intense exercise you put your metabolism on overdrive and you will still burn calories 24 hours after you session, even though you have stopped exercising. You also build muscle mass by doing these exercises which makes fat burning even faster. More muscle = more fat burned per day.

But joining a bootcamp has it’s cost. I think the biggest problem for most people is the fact that you have to discipline yourself to wake up early to go to the sessions and then go straight to work. Then the intensity. I have seen a few people quite a mere 2 weeks after trying it out. I think on this part, the trick is not to think too much. You want to loose weight, then just do it. Full stop. As you progress, your body will adjust. the hardest part is the first two weeks where you body is adjusting.

So, to sum it up, exercise is hard work and needs a lot of will power to go through. If you think you don’t want to loose weight that much and rather choose a less stressful way, then don’t even bother signing up and waste your money. Even gym memberships have a 1 year bond, so you need to pay a monthly fee for a whole year no matter what.

Diet plan

Well, I also tried a dietary plan with this world famous company (hint: they were sponsoring Barca) which had proven results. Yup, you read it correctly, proven results. However the cost per month is a lot more than going for boot camp, depending on how fast you want to loose weight (MLM marketing strategy also plays a part). They have additional products to make your metabolism faster and therefore loose weight faster. So, the procedure is to replace at lease one (recommended 2) of your daily meals with their products. The products can cover all your nutrient needs without the calories. You also need to drink plenty of water to make the process of loosing weight more smooth.

Let me assure you, there is nothing wrong with taking a weight loss products to loose weight as long as it is approved by the health ministry and is proven to be effective. In this case, the product I tried was used by a friend of mine and he lost so much weight I almost didn’t recognize him. But unfortunately I don’t think I works for me. It’s not that the product that doesn’t work, it’s me. I know that if there is one thing i can’t do is to give up my meal time. I just can’t stand a diet. During my 2 week trial I noticed that when on the product, I tend to go on fasting mode, meaning I tend not to drink and after the 2 weeks, my body started to rebel against the diet. Cravings started to kick in and in the end I ended up eating more. And during the 1st week weigh in, I actually gained more body fat although I lost weight. So, that cannot be good.


So in the end I decided to go with exercise. Actually it’s a no brainier. I’m a person who just love to do sports and who am  I going to lie? I can’t replace meals with dull health drinks. I know I can’t. I can however control the portions and how much I exercise. I have been doing daily exercise (cycling, sprinting, jogging, floor exercises etc) and so far, even though I actually gained weight, I lost about 2% body fat and I’m happy with where its going. I know I could have lost more if I joined bootcamp this month, but I didn’t. However, after being in it for half a year, I know the drill.


I’m not saying that don’t go for weight loss products, its just that you have to remember good health and optimum weight is a habit. If you are not comfortable with the routine, at some point you will surely break. I’m a sports person, I’m a lot more comfortable sweating it out doing intense exercise and I can’t stand diets, so, exercise is the suitable way to go for me, if I have to choose between them. Maybe some of you are busy people and don’t have much time to exercise, than maybe a diet plan is more suitable for you. Here are some points for you to consider when choosing.

Diet plan


  • Easy. No need to sweat doing exercise. No need to be in a specific place.
  • Nutritious. The products can supply you with daily needed nutrients.


  • By dieting without exercise, you might loose muscle mass making it harder to burn fat.
  • Won’t make you any physically stronger.
  • Has a tendency to end up costing more than exercising.
  • costly compared to exercising.



  • Makes the body stronger, more stamina, healthy etc.
  • You can go for gym/bootcamp or join activity clubs, but if you know how to exercise on your own, it might not cost you anything to exercise.
  • You can expand your network through the people you meet during your exercise programs.
  • It’s simply fun.


  • If you’re not an active person, it might take super human motivation to start exercising regularly.
  • If done excessively can lead to injury.
  • Timing is also an issue

But of course, in the end I advocate for exercising and controlling your food intake because high cholesterol is something that cant be regulated by exercising. It depends on your food intake. Finaly, remember that health and optimum body weight is a habit. Choose your habits well!.

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