Maxis Fibre Internet Promo

A friend of mine working in Maxis told me about this promo and I really thought he was joking. It’s a bit too good to be trueI’m currently a UniFi user and I took the 5Mbps package for RM149/month. One of the things I think I don’t need and thus wasting my money is the IPTV on the TMnet UniFi package. Whats more we cannot take it out of the package. Well Maxis has now come up with it’s own fibre broadband service and they are having a promotion now offering a 10Mbps package for RM118 per month! That’s unbelievable, but true. Of course it does not include IPTV service , although they plan to launch IPTV in the near future. The following are a few important points about the promo:

  • The offer is only for a limited period only.
  • All areas with UniFi coverage can use this service. It is using the same HSBB infrastructure.
  • Contract period 24 months
  • Customers registered during the promo period will enjoy the RM118 monthly fee even after the 24 month contract period as long as they don’t cancel the line.
  • Installation fee of RM200 is waived and you get free IP Phone and Wi-Fi modem
  • You also get 600 min free Maxis to Maxis calls and 200 min calls to IDD destination. But they did not mention whether this is monthly or a one off offer.
  • 9 sen/min call to non maxis mobile phones or non-local fixed lines and 5 sen for local fix line calls.
  • Although not mentioned, I assume calls to Maxis mobile and fix line numbers are free.

I seriously think this is a good offer and hard to get elsewhere, so I’d advise you to quickly register at . For current UniFi users, make sure you have finished you 24 month contract before switching to Maxis or else incur a penalty fee.

Now the only concerns are :

  • How long it will take for them to come and install the hardware at your home. I have registered yesterday but they still have not contacted me back yet.
  • Is the connection stable?
  • How is the customer service?
  • Is their hardware good?

These are things we will get to know in time. I will post a review of their services once I finally get it installed in my home.

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