McDonald’s Prosperity Mishaps at LCCT

My friend and Ike, we grew up (and sideways) with McDonald’s. #truestory

From Big Mac to Double Fillet-o-fish to MegaMac…, whatever Golden Arches have offered in Malaysia, chances are Ike and I would’ve eaten them. So this post comes as a heartbreak to me personally. I am writing to share with fellow McDonald’s enthusiasts (other than the fact that I’m a tad annoyed by this whole experience. So here goes…

Dear Golden Arches, I refer to your recent prosperity burger offerings for the looming Chinese New Year festivities.


The Malaysians-McD Memories

The thing about Malaysians and food is, no matter who you talk to, everybody have had a meaningful memory with McDonald’s ranging from sharing a sundae on the first date, to the late night studying or just simply leeching on the free WiFi (yes, I know you do that at Seksyen 14 PJ!) And what happened last Saturday at the busiest/highest volume McDonald’s outlet in Peninsula Malaysia, was disheartening…

Ever been in that situation when you have about RM20 in your wallet and upon seeing the price of the food, you’d think it’ll be more than enough to feed two person?

That’s basically what happened. At a glance, A Prosperity Burger meal is a winner. I mean, look at the price above (this was on display last Saturday night at the LCCT outlet).

RM 8.88 ala carte or just for the burger alone. You’ll save 68sen if if you go for a medium meal and if you add another 62sen, you’ll get the Large meal.

I mean how cool was that?


We thought so too, until…..

The Charges for Mssrs Golden Arches

The charges for a Medium Value Meal Prosperity Burger (Chicken) + Twister Fries aka MVMPBCTW comes to RM12.98! A whopping 46% higher than what’s advertised, in effing McD!

And if you had Coke instead of Milo, it’ll be another RM2.60 for a grand total of RM15.58 for a Medium meal…. Costs 90% more than what’s advertised yo!

What Do You Think McD Should Do?

With CNY coming in less than a week, it’s still not too late to rectify this situation. Dear Golden Arches, please do something about the price tag for this value meal at LCCT or any other outlets that are displaying this misleading article.

So ma fellow Malaysians/McD enthusiasts, what do you think McDonald’s should do with this situation? Leave a comment or else….,

Don’t say I didn’t warn you :p

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