McMamak And The Price Wars

As you are all aware of, the increasing prices of essential goods lately has directly influenced the price of foods in restaurants. If you could have easily had a lunch meal for RM5 five years ago, now you have to fork out at least RM 7 to get a decent meal.


Nowhere has this price increase been more evident than in mamak stalls/restaurants. Only last year I could get a cup of ice Milo for RM1.50, but now it costs RM2. I’m not sure if it’s because of football weekend or what, but I guess the general idea is, you have to order to sit and watch football without anybody bugging you and since not everyone orders food, might as well charge extra for drinks. Everybody HAS to drink, don’t they?

Recently Jimi and me had breakfast in a Mamak restaurant. I had a plate of fried mee and ice milo. To my surprise it all added up to RM5.30. Now, compare that to McDonalds breakfast set where you can get for RM4 or RM4.50 depending on which set you take (not including 6% gov tax). But however you look at it, McDonalds seems cheaper than eating out at mamak. What’s more is you can even get free coffee refills in McDonalds. Besides, mamak food is not any tastier than McDonalds (except MAYBE in Penang or Melaka) and surely not any healthier (unless you order chapatti or tosei).

This also goes for lunch. You are lucky to get rice + chicken + vege + drinks in a mamak restaurant for RM 7. That’s pretty much the same price as McDonalds Lunch Sets. But you get free refills at McDonalds if you dine-in. Again, Mamak food is not necessarily healthier than McDonalds food.

One last thing is, McDonalds nowadays have big LCD screens screening the BPL in HD via Astro Byond. You get a way clearer picture. Plus you get to sit in a cleaner environment as compared to a Mamak Restaurant which is not famous for its cleanliness.

So there you have it.  I’m not saying one is better than the other, but it basically depends on each individual. The way I see it, there is very little between the two rivals. so, is it Mamak or McD? The choice my friend, is yours.

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12 thoughts on “McMamak And The Price Wars

  1. Nice one bro. I was thinking when you going to write about this. Lots of people said that McD is not good for health after watching Super Size Me but I doubt mamak is doing any better for us either.

  2. True. I wonder why many people can still put up with it. It’s not like we’re getting a first class service too. Most of the time, they just ignore us whenever we want to make an order.

  3. @mohamadazhan -> Yup. the other day i went to this mamak in Tesco ampang….there was a rat runing freely in the area..crazy!! couldnt believe it.

  4. Mamak is so dirty. A friend of mine saw an incident where the worker there put vege on the floor and then cook it without even washing it. The price isn’t any better. Too expensive for tasteless food.

  5. Pui Yee > are you serious!? doing that so openly? that’s like business suicide

    the other day I ordered nasi goreng ayam with milo ais at a famous mamak in Wangsa Maju. RM9!!! WTH, better I just go buy a McValue Meal!

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