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The day everybody has been waiting for has arrived!!

Air Asia is flying to Japan!!!

Special offers if you book from 23 – 26 September and I must say while stocks last. In fact, the special priced tickets have been snatched up within the first 2 hours and I was one of the miserable ones who couldn’t secure a ticket within a acceptable price and date.

To be honest, this promotion totally caught me by surprise. This morning I was lucky to stumble upon their ad and i tried to check and I found a date where the ticket prices were RM540 both ways. But as I tried to ask my friends who wants to go with me, the tickets were all snatched up. I guess better luck next time.

Anyway, if you are still interested, Travel periods are from 9 Dec 2010 to 31st Jul 2011. The prices are still cheaper than MAS, but I rather wait for another promotion period…

Visit for more info and to book.

Happy traveling!!!


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