Of CELCOM, Blue Cube Pavilion KL & the iPhone 4

In an earlier post for CekikDarah’s SCAM Prevention Education Series, I mentioned about not having my iPhone 4. This post is about that.

I’ve been a CELCOM customer since 2000, back when I was using the most durable handphone of all time – Nokia 3310.

Over the years I’ve stuck with CELCOM. I’ve had several prepaid numbers but my one and only postpaid has been 019. I’m such a CELCOM dude, so much so that recently, a friend called and asked me about CELCOM’s iPhone packages; how much is the phone? What’s the upfront commitment? How long is the contract duration? What’s the package breakdown (SMS/MMS/Data) etc…

And the best part is, I’m not a CELCOM or an Axiata Group employee.

My friends refer to me about CELCOM, because they know how much I love the network…. I’ve been an Apple fan for the longest time, and unfortunately in Malaysia, The Big C was the last telco company that brought the iPhones in. So when they finally brought the iPhone 4 in last year, I sold off my BlackBerry Torch, terminated my contract (paid RM500 penalty for it) and got myself…..

the iPhone 4.

It was for a two years contract where the additional year was provided by CELCOM themselves. I vaguely remembered that the Blue Cube (Kuantan) girl saying “kalau phone rosak ke apa-apa dalam dua tahun nih, kita ganti baru.” [if there’s anything wrong with the phone within the two years, we’ll replace with a new unit.]

And so on March 21st 2012, something wrong happened to my iPhone 4. The speaker went kaput. It means, during voice calls, I’m unable to hear what the other person is saying.

When that happened, I called CELCOM’s Helpline at 1300 111 000 and asked them about the repair center. The long and short of it, I was asked to go to Blue Cube in Pavilion KL and they’ll take care of it.

The Helpline guy also mentioned that it’ll take about 30 working days to resolve the problem.

I’m Finally Getting To The Point

March 22nd, 2012:

  • Sent in my iPhone 4 to Blue Cube in Pavilion KL.
  • Was informed that no temporary replacement phones are available as every unit has been loaned out to CELCOM customers.
  • Was informed it will take 30 working days to resolve the issue.
  • I wasn’t given a 1-to-1 replacement phone on the spot.
  • My iPhone 4 will be sent down to Singapore to be repaired.

On that last point, I didn’t ask much then as I was rushing to get somewhere else. On March 27th, I made follow-up calls to the Helpline and Blue Cube Pavilion to find out about my phone. Sadly, nobody picked up the phone. I called throughout the day from 10.00am until 5.00pm and not once was my call answered.

According to CELCOM’s own website, the operational hours for Blue Cube at Pavilion KL is  from 10.00am to 10.00pm.

March 27th, 2012:

  • Called HelpLine to inquire about my iPhone’s status.
  • CELCOM HelpLine unable to update me on the phone’s status because they are not ‘connected’ to the Blue Cube(s).
  • Centrally, they are unable to check the status of any phones sent in for repairs. [FLAG 1]

March 28th, 2012:

Went to Blue Cube Pavilion KL to ask for the status of my iPhone. The following is my best recollection of my exchanges with the Blue Cube personnel.

Ken: What’s the status of my iPhone? (showed the repair slip)
Blue Cube’s Personnel: It has been sent to Singapore for repair.

K: So, is it repairable or am I getting a replacement?
BCP: We haven’t been informed yet (by Singapore side).

K: Why am I not getting a 1-to-1 replacement on the spot?
BCP: The 1-to-1 exchange is only for the first seven days of purchase. From Day-8 onwards, the units will be sent to Singapore to see if it can be repaired. If it can be repaired, we’ll repair it and send it back to the owner. If not, we’ll issue a replacement unit. [FLAG 2]

K: Then, what about the temporary replacement phones?
BCP: We only have limited number of phones and all of them are with our customers. [FLAG 3]

K: So what happens to my Data Plan? The contract is for data and if my own personal temporary phone is not a SmartPhone, will I get rebated back for the period when the phone is being repaired? 30 WORKING DAYS is almost two months!
BCP: We don’t have that kind of policy here. [FLAG 4]

K: So how can I find out about my phone’s status?
BCP: You can call us at 03-2xxx xxxx.

K: Here’s the thing, I’ve been calling you for hours yesterday and earlier today before I arrived here, and nobody picked up the phone.
BCP: Sir, we are currently shorthanded and our policy at Blue Cube is to attend to the walk-in customers and if the staffs are free, they’ll answer the call and we’re always busy. [FLAG 5]

K: You open from 10.00am onwards, I called at around opening hour (where there aren’t that many people in Pavilion KL on a Tuesday/Wednesday) and still nobody picks up the phone.
BCP: *silent* [FLAG 6]

K: And I have to drive all the way into KL to get an answer that can easily be provided if somebody picks up the phone. Instead, I had to take a half-day leave, face the KL traffic, pay the Pavilion’s parking for a 30-second process.
BCP: *still has nothing to say*

K: What other method can I get updates on my phone? Do you have an email?
BCP: Yes sir, you can email us pavilion[at]bluecube.com.my

K: What’s your email address? (I wanted to personally email this guy instead of sending an email to a generic mailbox)
BCP: You can email us there and all six/seven personnel will see the email and respond.

K: How long then will it take to respond to my email? I called your (office) and nobody picked up for two days.
BCP: Usually, we’ll respond to emails within 2-3 days.

I was skeptical with the 2-3 days response time. Nonetheless, it’s not like I had any other options.

April 12th, 2012 – Working Day #16 or 22 Days Later

I received a call from Blue Cube Pavilion KL saying that my phone is ready for collection. Got myself a new unit for replacement 🙂

That’s all for my recap post. To be continued in another post about the 6 Red Flags of Blue Cube Pavilion KL….

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  1. Celcom customer service fails BIG TIME in warranty claim for iphone,

    i also been trying to call pavi for status update but no answer at all.. wtf???

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