SCAM Prevention Education Series: The Banks Calling You…

Two weeks ago, I received not one, not two but THREE phone calls from three different banks to offer me some good deals. Here’s what happened….

CALL #1: Public Bank

The caller ID showed ‘0309’ when this representative called me. It’s a lady that told me of this offer about consolidating my credit card debts. It means, get all my credit card debts into one big amount, and structure the monthly payment. Sounds good, right….? I was definitely interested and so I asked her this simple question, “Can I go to the branch and inquire about this offer?”…

Here comes the red flag….

She said, “No sir, this offer is only available via telephone.” [FLAG]

Needless to say, I thanked her for the offer and told her that I’m not interested.

CALL #2: Maybank (Card Center)

The caller ID shows a Klang Valley number (03-5xxx xxxx). I couldn’t recall the phone record since I’m on Nokia. My iPhone 4 is in the workshop (more on this later).

The Maybank lady called me and in the beginning of the phone call mentioned that “for continuous quality improvement, this conversation is recorded etc etc.”

The Offer: Sign up for one of their Maybank Petronas Ikhwan credit cards.

She went on to explain to me the benefits of the cards etc (no interest on interest charges, 5X TreatPoints and so forth).

Well, since I’m one with the Tiger, and anything that saves me money would definitely catch my attention, so I’m game!

And here comes the red flag….

Maybank Rep: Can I have your credit card number so we can convert it to the Ikhwan card? [FLAG]
Ken: Eh, you’re calling from Maybank right? Shouldn’t you already have my credit card info?
Maybank Rep: Yes sir, but this conversation is recorded and we are not allowed to share your credit card info in a recorded  conversation. [FLAG]
Ken: Then, I’m EVEN MORE uncomfortable disclosing my credit card info in this (recorded) conversation.
Maybank Rep: *nervous laugh*

So I asked her if the offer is available at the bank’s branch. To my delight, she said yes, it is.

CALL #3: CIMB Premier Customer

CIMB on the other hand, called me regarding my ‘value’ as their very important customer. [read: you’re not spending enough money with CIMB, so we want you to bank more with us.]

The number was 03-2XXX XXXX. (yeap, I should’ve written about this two weeks back.)

Anyway, back to the call. This guy was quite persistent as he tried to get a hold on me three weeks back when my iPhone 4 was down. So he followed up and called me back the following week (two weeks ago.)

The offer: To upgrade me to be one of their Preferred Customers. I get prioritized access when dealing at the CIMB counters, there’s a special scheme for the Treat Points when I spend using CIMB credit card and so forth.

All that is required is for me to make an appointment and go to one of the CIMB’s branches and open a Current Account. That’s all.

No (red) flag on the play from the (red) bank.


If you’re too mesmerized with the re-enactment of my tele-experiences, two things to remember:
1.) NEVER EVER disclose any credit/banking information in a phone call, ESPECIALLY when SOMEONE IS CALLING YOU. Even if you call the HelpLine because you forgot your PIN or anything, the point is to RESET your PIN or password; DO NOT DISCLOSE your password (“I think my password was XYZABCD…”)
2.) If you can’t call the person back, you’re FUCKED. End of story. That’s why I wasn’t down with Public Bank’s offer, regardless if she was genuine or not.

Don’t get FUCKED yo!

P/s: Ken can be personally contacted at ken[at]cekikdarah[dot]com if you haven’t figured out how to leave a comment.

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