The Salesperson’s Creed, or something like that

Yesterday, I had my intern present his first month’s internship report to the entire team in the office. One of his intention for his attachment with my company is to improve his presentation skills.

So I had him do monthly presentations to the entire team. After the feedback session, I showed him an example of a presentation for him to use as a reference for his next presentation.

It was mine. I did that presentation before going into my current role with the Sales & Marketing team. And my intern asked me, “Sir, how do you expand the market share?”

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Buying an iPad

I’ve been a big admirer of Apple products for a long time now.

When I was in Standard 2, my dad bought a Macintosh LC II as his personal computer at home. At that time it seemed appropriate because Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, where he worked, was using Apple computers as its standard computer for all the faculties.  then in the mid/late 90s, Apples popularity went down rapidly.Read More »Buying an iPad