Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2012

Volkswagen has been throwing everything it has on marketing its cars these past few years. The Das Auto Show being one of it’s marketing strategies is by far the best marketing method I have seen in Malaysia, although Proton has previously tried to engage it’s customers the way VW with it’s open factory day back in 2008, but I doubt it has successfully made Proton a desirable brand like VW.

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Kempen Turunkan Harga Kereta

I’m sure you all have heard about this campaign been campaigned recently by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat and I bet as soon as you heard about this campaign, your imagination started to go bananas thinking of all the cars you would be able to buy if the prices were reduced. However, have you ever thought whether “it can’t be that simple, can it” ? There are a lot of repercussions by simply lowering the prices of cars.Read More »Kempen Turunkan Harga Kereta

Loosing Weight

In the world today, appearance plays a big role in our daily lives and how we are perceived. Sure, character is very important too, but it’s appearance that other people see about a person the first time they meet. We’ll I have been trying to loose weight for some time now. It’s not that my weight is at an uncontrollable level, but enough to make the curves show.

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Stop Lynas To Save Malaysia??!

From the very beginning I had reservations about the whole “Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia” Campaign. For one, it was heavily politicized and you know when that happens, truth is the first sacrifice.

The depressing thing is, the Opposition and the government are saying two contradicting things. One saying its as dangerous as nukes, the other saying it is as safe as any processing plant. It is pretty hard to find a neutral party that speaks the neutral truth. If they were neutral parties, they will be accused of being pro government or pro opposition once the other side doesn’t like what they hear. Read More »Stop Lynas To Save Malaysia??!

PTPTN Loans Will Be Abolished?

We all have heard it in the news recently, that the Pakatan Rakyat announces that it will abolish the National Higher Education Fund or the Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) loans once they come into power.

On the other hand, the government says the announcement is populist and can never be done thus it’s not a responsible promise to make.

We all know that we can only trust the mainstream media only when it comes to sports news (as long as it’s not local), so how feasible it is for the government to repay all the PTPTN loans for us?

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SCAM Prevention Education Series: The Banks Calling You…

Two weeks ago, I received not one, not two but THREE phone calls from three different banks to offer me some good deals. Here’s what happened….

CALL #1: Public Bank

The caller ID showed ‘0309’ when this representative called me. It’s a lady that told me of this offer about consolidating my credit card debts. It means, get all my credit card debts into one big amount, and structure the monthly payment. Sounds good, right….?Read More »SCAM Prevention Education Series: The Banks Calling You…