The iPhone 4 Saga: Part Deux

Previously, I posted my experience, mainly my frustration with having to deal with the unhelpful personnel at Celcom’s Blue Cube in Pavilion KL. It turns out, I wasn’t the only one who had such unpleasant encounter with them. A fellow CELCOM customer shared his experience here on

And so, the legend continues…

A Quick Recap

As I’ve mentioned before, I collected my replacement iPhone 4 (aka iPhone 4.2 since it’s the second iPhone 4 I got from CELCOM) on April 12th, 2012. That was 16 working days later or 22 days after I turned my iPhone 4 in to the aforementioned Blue Cube branch.

A Few Days Later

I experienced another problem with my iPhone 4.2 from CELCOM; I keep getting static noises when receiving and making phone calls. It’s a slight variation from the challenges I had with my iPhone 4.1 (I couldn’t hear the other person’s voice, they can hear mine, but no static noises).

Same difference – I still couldn’t make and receive calls properly. Heck, it’s THE basic need of having a freakin’ phone in the first place; to make and receive voice calls. (Author’s note: not applicable to SMS-junkies)

Bangsar Blue Cube vs Pavilion KL Blue Cube

After my *wonderful* experience with the Pavilion’s Blue Cube crew, I decided to not go there. After checking the CELCOM’s website, I narrowed it down to either the Mid Valley’s Blue Cube or the Bangsar’s Blue Cube. Call it lucky or what, I just happened to be meeting some old uni-mates in Bangsar on April 26th (2 days before iMyn’s BERSIH 3.0 experience).

It was at 8.30pm; they are open until 10.00pm.

When my number was up, I explained to the counter about my predicament with my iPhone 4 yada yada yada yada. They walked me through the whole procession as well; I had to leave the phone there, no replacement available, and yes, 30 working days as well…

Just as I was about to burst out with anger, they gave a me a great recommendation:

Blue Cube Personnel: Why don’t you go directly to Menara CELCOM? There, you’ll get a 1-to-1 exchange on the spot. Even if you leave your phone here, we’ll be sending the phone to the tower as well.
Ken: Really? Where is it?
BCP: It’s on Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, go to Level 8. (Click on the link/map below for detailed directions)
Ken: Thanks! 🙂

May 3rd, 2012: Menara CELCOM Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz

And so on May 3rd 2012, I went to the Menara CELCOM on Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz. Parking was a pain, but it was worth it! Like the guys in Blue Cube Bangsar said, I did get my replacement unit, ON THE SPOT!!


Yup, I am now on my third iPhone 4, and I have discovered the secret to exchanging your iPhone(s). If you got your iPhone from CELCOM, and you are facing difficulties with the device, bring your service card (it’s the white and blue card you’d get when you first receive your iPhone from CELCOM) head directly to Menara CELCOM on Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, go to Level 8, and explain the problem to them.

So long Blue Cube Pavilion KL, guess I won’t be dropping by there ever again.


6 thoughts on “The iPhone 4 Saga: Part Deux”

  1. Wooow!
    Aargh I wished I went direct to menara celcom…adoi!
    After all the frustrating unanswered calls I made to pavi, I emailed to pavi’s email..although I received 5-6 opened and read receipts from various celcom employees from pavi I presume, none of them answered my status request update. deyummm. Can we like launch a major complain campaign against that dealer…very bad service

  2. I feel your pain man…
    What’s worst, when we call CELCOM Helpline, they tell us to go to Pavilion….


    Need to change how they answer customer’s inquiries about iPhone maintenance and exchange.

  3. hi

    i go tmy iphone back from celcom blue cube pavillion yesterday 6/6/2012. They called me to inform that the phone was ready on 3/6/2012.

    ….i sent the phone in on 22/4/2012. dem
    anything happen again straight to menara celcom.

    btw, my warranty expired on 8/5/2012.. but celcom did send me a message that said they gave extra 1 year warranty after first year. Is your phone the same?

  4. Hey Wama, good to know that you’ve gotten your iPhone back!

    Mine is the same as yours, but CELCOM didn’t send me a message. I found out when I called about my bill.

  5. Hi Ken. Ive got a question what if the blue-white card went missing? If there any chances I wont get my iPhone exchange? Since it went hang for hours until it drains the battery.

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