Tunemoney – CIMB cheating tag team (updated with BIG topup fee table)

Normally I would recommend using the Tunemoney BIG card because of many reasons. But I have just realize something not right about the top up system they use for CIMB clicks users. Although small, but nonetheless it is clearly cheating my money, which is unforgivable!If you are a CIMB Clicks and BIG card user, the top up system for the card is built into CIMB clicks. It is supposed to be free, so each time you top up, you should not have any surcharge whatsoever. but I began to realize my balance after topping up was not what it supposed to be.

The topup fee and charges table acquired from tune2big.com website. It clearly shows there is not charge for CIMBclicks users.


So this is the balance of my account before the transaction

For a demo, I will top up RM1 to my BIG Card

As you can see, there are no stated back charges so RM618.69 – RM1 should be RM617.69 right?

Wrong! Well, at least according to CIMB. They have charged (or rather stole) an extra RM1 from the transaction.

So, I don’t want to say much, but that is truly stealing in broad daylight in every sense of the word. I’m surely going to report this to them. I mean, I don’t mind them charging RM1 but please inform us that you are charging it so that I can use FPX to top up which charges only 50sen. And notice that at the first page where I select my card and the account number comes up? Notice there is no account balance, so it’s hard for unsuspecting users to notice that there was an extra RM1 deducted because they didn’t see the balance before the transaction.

So, there you have it, a big multinational company is cheating it’s customers of RM1 per transaction. If 1000 of their CIMB Clicks users use this service to top up their BIG card, the CIMB gets RM1000 extra cash per transaction. CIMB sucks!

3 thoughts on “Tunemoney – CIMB cheating tag team (updated with BIG topup fee table)”

  1. adoi.. ape la ko ni. cer ko tekan kt ko nye account no. avail balance dr awal mmg akan kuar rm617.69. kurang rm1 dr yg active tu nmpak sgt x pnah gune online banking kahhkahhkahh

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