YES Launches the YES Eclipse


Finally, YES has launched a smartphone for it’s 4G network that has a fighting chance to compete on the market, however, a first look at the response is somewhat disappointing.

First of all, here is the advert of the Eclipse phone :

Since I first used YES 4G I have been really looking forward for a smartphone to be used with the network. I registered with YES’s package which included a free huddle and RM1000++ of credits which has not yet been used up even though it has been 1 and a half years!!

Even though my plan is a prepaid plan I need to use at least RM30 each month or they will forfeit theĀ  remaining credit if my usage does not surpass RM30 per month. That kinda sucks because I don’t really use much on the go, so I thought it would be nice to have a smartphone so that I can optimize the usage of my YES credits. FYI, RM30 is about 1GBs worth of data usage and I don’t use the YES account for calls since I’m using YES with my iPad when I am outdoors, and calling with the iPad is not really a pleasant feat.

I could opt for an iPhone, but as you know, iPhones come with data plans (unless you buy it on it’s own) and uses 3G. So it doesn’t really solve my credit usage optimization problem.

The Eclipse

To be honest I’m an iOS person so I don’t know much of the development of the Android platform.

In fact I know nothing about Android, which unfortunately is the platform used by the Eclipse. But the comments on the Youtube video of the Eclipse advert gives you a general view of what people in the Android phone industry are thinking about the phone and the following is my favorite (view the video on Youtube to see more comments) :

Apparently the phone is deemed outdated by many but YES have been customizing the phone for the past 17 months to suit its 4G network. Reading more of the comments, you probably have a worse image of the phone. But regardless, here are the features of the phone highlighted by YES :

  • 4G Connectivity with 3G/2G GSM support
  • WiFi
  • Android 2.2 “Froyo” (whatever that is)
  • 4 way video calls.
  • WiFi Sharing with 4 other devices (MiFi)
  • 20Mbps data transfer speed

To me the phone with the most features is not necessarily the best for the job and to be honest, I don’t really mind the phone not having as much features as the new Samsung Galaxy SIII as long as it meets my needs, I am OK with it.

However I have a big problem with the pricing, RM1688 without a plan!

With a plan, the prices will look like this :

To get the Eclipse for free, you have to sign up for the Eclipse 238 plan that will cost you RM238 per month. But remember this is inclusive of 1,000 mins of calls or SMS per month on top of the 7GB data limit and they will only bill you of you use more than those 1,000 mins or SMS.

It is still pretty pricey if compared to Digi’s iPhone plan. Then again, Digi’s data speed is not as fast as YES. Besides, the only reason why I used YES 4G in the first place is because it’s prepaid. So the plans above mean nothing to me.

SO…, the problem with the Eclipse to me is the price, RM1688 which is pretty high when Samsung and HTC could offer better phones at better prices. I know many have been giving bad comments about the phone, but I guess I would have to try the phone for myself to get a feel of the phone’s worth.

That has always been my way of getting the true story.

One thing’s for sure, I won’t be registering for the plans if I decide to get the phone. Now there is only one thing left to do, to test the Eclipse phone.

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  1. I am selling my new Yes Eclipse 4G smartphone at RM1500. If interested e-mail me at philliptan777[at]gmail[dot]com Thanks.

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